About the show and its host

Hello! I'm Jay Steel!

Jay - Image by Roarey Raccoon.
(Artist Rendition)
(Artist: Roarey Raccoon)

I'm a bit of a nerd, a dash of an audiophile, and a pinch of a furry. Toss that all together and you get me! The one and only Sound Hound! (No relation to the app of the same name.)

I live in the lovely state of disarray, I mean, Michigan! And a fine state it is... During the summer.

One day I got the dumbest of dumb ideas. What if I pretend to be a retro radio show host and then record it onto cassette tapes, so I could wake up to a radio show of myself. It sounds stupid, but I did it anyways, because that's just how I am.

I have to state here that I'm not actually doing any pirate radio broadcsts, because that would be illegal, and I don't need the FCC staring up my butt with a flashlight.

I'm just pretending, and having fun doing it!

I hope you have fun too!


All music played is the property of each respective owner.

None of my shows have been, or will ever be broadcast over the air without a proper license.

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