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I like their site, and I totally didn't steal the navbar code from them. Trust me!

Hey! What are you doing?! Don't go looking at my HTML and CSS sources now!

Dragonsoft Studios

One of my favorite YouTubers. He's been at it since the very early days of the site.

I mean it! And we've been watching him for about that long.

I love his site, I hope he never changes it.


This is one of my favourite old websites. It's got one hell of an astetic, that's for sure.

Sadly, it seems as though it hasn't been updated since 2010...

Dream Pipe

I think you're starting to tell that I like the Dreamcast.

Fun site though, worth checking out when you get the chance.


Are you a furry? Might you also live in Michigan? Then this is for you.

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