Here are some of my various works:

These were shot on expired Kodak Gold 200:

I had gotten a point and shoot from ebay, and we were going to Ann Arbor that day in order to get some film for it. Just before we went though, my mom came to me with this expired roll of Kodak Gold 200 and I very excitedly loaded it into my point and shoot to see what kind of shots I could get out of it. Safe to say, I wasn't disapointed... well, half the roll I actually was pretty disapointed, but that's my problem.

Ultramax 400:

Ultramax does some fun things with the blues doesn't it? Sufice to say, if it's an overcast (and early fall/late winter) day, it's going to look overcast on Ultramax, but to be fair, it renders those days a lot nicer than Superia 400. Adds a little warmpth. Man, the price of this three roll pack was like... $20 when I got it. I've since bough a three pack of this stuff for $40... Bad timeline? Bad timeline...

Digital Works:

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