Alright, I've got something funny and fucked up for you.

As you can tell by that first sentance, those of you with a weak consitituion might want to leave.

Warnings: Self Harm

First things first though, where have I been? I've been busy living this thing we call life. I wish I had more free time and less depression so I could put more work into the site and some shows, but that's how it goes.

In good news, I got myself a nice camera today, and some film, so do expect some photography stuff from me on this site in the future.

Anyways, here's the funny:


I was lying around, minding my buisness when a friend sends me this.

(Archive link in case those wussies realised their mistakes and take it down.)

Now, I know what you're thinking. Is that what I think it is?

Yes, yes it is.

As you might imagine, I'm writing this with the biggest of grins on my face.

Some of you are asking Jay, what the hell is this? This, my friend is a list site generator gone wrong.

Some sleeze ball out there has a site, that searches for popular phrases, like best camera bag etc, and then generates a list from other things related to the topic.

Easy way to make that sweet sweet ad rev yeah? WELL... It seems as though the list generator picked up something... Well, something most sane people wouldn't dare make a list on.

To me, this is the funniest thing ever, and God bless the list site generator for picking it up and making this gem of a web site.

The cherry on top? It has a fake author name, to make each crappy algorithmically generated list look that slight bit more legit. So that means we can imagine that a human wrote a list like this, and that's even funnier to me.

Ah... The internet really is full of wonders isn't it?

Words of advice before I go: If you aren't feeling well, do consider getting some help. There's always at least somebody willing to listen, no matter what it is. Stay safe and keep well. -Jay

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